Hi and question!

Haven’t been back around these forums n a while and just wanted to check up on all the new stuff thats been added and say hello to all. The new UI arrangement is really clever and can see lots of improvements. Has parallax been implemented yet? Great to be here again!

Nope :wink:

Hosted sites move to .io domain, Zappier integration, manual image resizing, minify CSS, new tutorials, <base> tag, reward referring program, nested folders and subpage, reordering, password protected sites… how long have you been gone? :smile:

Edit: designers’ pages?

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Been gone about 8 months. No prob will use parallax.js then. And that there is exactly the link I was looking for, thanks Vincent!

…took me time to find it :slight_smile: it’s under the user menu

Hi @Jonas76, nice to see you again and Welcome back :slight_smile: In addition to the latest updates, lots of new things coming very soon :slight_smile: Keep tuned ! Cheers, Dave

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You’re such an teaser @cyberdave :grinning:


Welcome to the community, @Rolcontainerm ! :smile:

We don’t have much rules here, but just some guidelines.

  • If you’ve learned something, “pay it forward” and share it with the community
  • Don’t spam the boards with in appropriate links
  • HAVE FUN! :slight_smile: Web Design is all about learning and applying what you have learned to your projects. This is what makes Webflow fun, because you can design almost at the speed of thought.

If you’re looking for help with your project, you can follow these guidelines here:

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