Hero images overlapping with nav bar on our Blog

Hey folks,

I’m unfortunately not a designer and I’m trying to help figure out why our hero images on our blog are overlapping with our nav bar.

This is my first time using Webflow (I usually use wix) and sadly the company who originally built this for us have not been great to deal with - plus I imagine this is a quick fix - I’m just lacking the knowledge!

See attached + my read only URL below!

Read only link here.

I’ve tried playing around with things like padding etc, but that didn’t seem to work!

The rest of my site doesn’t seem to have this problem, just the Blog.

Thank you in advance!

If this is your first time working with Webflow, your website looks insane, so congratulations first.

One thing you could do is to go to “Section 25” and add a padding, e.g., 100px — however, the issue with this is that the blur you created in “Section 24” would split up, not starting at the top anymore but below the Navbar. This could be fixed by removing the blur (what users can see as your background) from Section 24 and placing it in Section 25.

A much easier workaround is to go to your div block called “Header Images Column” and either place a margin on top or go down to position (its position is already set to relative) and set the top margin there to something like 10em (it’s already set to -3em on the right).

Hope this works for you and congratulations again on the great site