Why my images look so bad

Hello guys, I just started using Webflow 2 months ago and just realized my website had this serious issue.
The problem is my hero images look fine when you surfing the web from the homepage, but whenever I click any URL to view the web, the images just look so awful.
For Example:

This’ve been getting on my nerves lately, hope someone can help.

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So are you going to add your share link?

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My bad this is my project’s view only link

Yes, I commented the link below, please check it, I think my site have some others problems too, feel free to point it out please

This often happens if your image is not optimised prior to upload (e.g. too big), as it causes Webflow’s compression tool to kick in - sometimes resulting in blur.

I would recommend reviewing the compression on the source image and trying some adjustments to the compression algorithms that have been used on export, then re-upload to your project to see if this helps. You could also try using image compression tools such as TinyJPG :arrow_upper_right: and Tiny PNG :arrow_upper_right: to optimize your images prior to upload as well.

There’s some more information regarding Image optimisation here: Image Resolution | Webflow University :arrow_upper_right:

Also, sometimes disabling responsive images will fix this too: Disable responsive images | Webflow University :arrow_upper_right:

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Thanks so much, I’m will try this and see if it’s gonna work

One more question, how can I customize the symbol on some page but not all of the page whichs has the same symbol. I want the “subscribe” in the image below to fixed postion as scrolling but the nav aslo fix so it’s kinda get in the way so I wan the nav to be hidden when scrolling just on my blog posts. Is there anyway could do this. Please let me know.