Help with Webflow Responsive Design for Large Monitors

Hey everyone,

We are having trouble with our Webflow website’s responsiveness on devices with large screens/high resolution , specifically scaling from 1920p to 4k resolutions (e.g. large iMac). Unfortunately, from what we can tell, Webflow doesn’t support designing at breakpoints larger than 1920p, and our site isn’t scaling correctly beyond this point.

Has anyone faced similar issues with Webflow and larger screens? We’d appreciate any practical advice or solutions you’ve found. We are currently working with adjusting responsive units (current setup uses REM) but if you have any alternative strategies, we’re open to suggestions.

Thanks for your help!


Hello dear friend,

The structure of responsive web flow is actually very practical and fundamental. By adding large devices to screens above 1950px, you can also access it. Usually, we define the responsive structure by creating containers and specifying the desired max-width or responsive padding. This image will help you:

Hi Zafremedia,

Thank you for your response and the helpful diagram. While I appreciate the explanation regarding responsive design for larger screens, my concern lies specifically with the scaling issues experienced on 4K displays.

Could you please elaborate on how the responsive structure you mentioned should be adjusted or optimized to accommodate 4K resolutions? Additionally, if there are specific breakpoints or other techniques within Webflow that you recommend for addressing this issue, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you for your assistance.