Add new large breakpoints

Hello, how are you community?

I have a goal to design a website for viewing on very large screens. And I need to have a layout for 4K, and some changes to a resolution when the screen is 8K.

In Webflow, the maximum we have for a breakpoint is 1920px. So I need to add two more: 4K and 8K.

How could I do this? And I think this would be a good suggestion for the Webflow team to give us the option to add custom points.


Hey there! :wave:

1920px wide and above is the largest available breakpoint to add natively in Webflow (As you’ve already added).

If you want to add breakpoints for 4K/8K resolutions, you can define additional media queries using custom code.

You can also scale the canvas in the canvas settings next to the device breakpoints. This lets you simulate larger device viewports on a smaller device.

See example below:

Hope this helps!