Help with unique Link problem

Hi, I’m having a problem figuring out how to fix a link problem due to custom code. Here is some background:

I’m building this site that has a scroll indicator on the right. I made some section triggers so the colors animate when they reach the next section. Works great. Also, each number links to the corresponding section and takes you directly there. Awesome, works great.

I wanted my sections to snap when scrolled (scroll snapping) so I found someone with a good solution

works great except now my links on the right don’t work. They still change colors on each section but they wont link. I’m guessing because the scroll snapping requires a div wrapper to contain the sections but I figured if the links were anchored to those sections they would work no problem. Not the case. When I remove the sections from the scroll-snap-wrapper, all is well. The links work.

Is there a way to have it all or do I have to choose one over the other?

Here is my site Read-Only: