Help with testimonial slider/triggers

Hi All

I’m new to webflow and have to create a testimonial slider which shows three automatically rotating testimonials on load but also has three individual triggers to view the testimonials independently if clicked. I can’t use the slider that webflow provide because I need custom gradient triggers as shown in the image below.

I’m guessing that I will need page load animation for the initial div block rotation plus show/hide animations on the custom triggers to control the visibility of the div blocks but not sure the best way to go about setting up the interactions to create the needed result. I wondered if anyone had experience and would be kind enough to give me some much needed pointers.

Thanks for your help


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Did you get this implemented? Just checking to see if you needed help. :grin:

I’ve created several custom sliders in webflow which is basically what a testimonial is. The paging buttons are tricky but I know it can be accomplished with cycle2js.

or slickslider.

take a look at the above thread


Awesome! Thanks Jeremy I’ll take a look at both options and give them a try.