Help with Scroll + Flex

I am setting up a site using flex to set up a combination of the Holy Grail and Sidebar examples on the Webflow Flex site.

Baiscally, I want the lateral columns to remain in place, while the center content scrolls. However, the center column is overflowing, despite being set to scroll. I tried messing with the flex settings as well to no avail.

Any suggestions? Sure it’s something simple I’m missing.

On a sidenote:
I’d also like to make the bar with the fake drop-down items, under the search bar, sticky. I’m guessing this would not work via the positioning: sticky option, once the first issue is fixed. Any tips on this as well?


Here is my site Read-Only: Read-Only Link . Issue is with the Eventos page.

Here is the exact page link: Page link

I hope you can understand it.

(my English gets a bit rustyas the day goes by haha. Sorry for that)

Thank you very much @Jeandcc ! I could understand you just fine : )

I was trying to have the same effect you accomplished using flex and 100vh on the main container. I wonder if either method has an advantage over the other.

It all works great. How would you make it so that the bottom-left button is always visible, on the left column and at the bottom of the screen?

The advantage of the method I’m currently using is that it’s going to work doesn’t matter how much content you have.

To accomplish that with the button, you just need to determine the position of the element: either absolute, fixed, or sticky (that depends solely on what you want )