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Flex settings for top/bottom with horizontal centering


I’m trying to figure out how to use the Flexbox settings to get the location (City) at the top of the card, and the date at the very bottom of the card on the EVENTS page–both centered horizontally. Is there a way to do this? I’ve been clicking around forever trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Here is my site’s Read-Only link: (EVENTS page)


I inserted another div at the same level as your date block. Then I dragged the h5 event-date into this new div. I removed the empty dinner image as well. Then it worked. Why this had to be done? NFI … I am 3 flexbox months old :slight_smile:

I also see your collection list wrap is set to flex and yet a column count is set. If you want to flex the whole grid (might cause you some teething probs) then refer to

Amazing–thanks so much!

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