Help with scroll animation (Vertical scroll into view)

Hey community - really hoping you can help me out!

I’ve been trying to get the content on the left side to scroll into view for the past couple hours without any luck… I’m sure it’s an easy fix, but I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Any feedback would be super helpful!!

Public share link:
[Read Only] - Webflow - Artis Energy Solutions Website


Solved… figured I’d share the quick fix for those with a similar issue.

First screenshot:
The first “move” is untouched, the second “move” was set to the end of the scrollable content (vertical -600). Red flag: the two yellow warning messages.

Second screenshot:
Solution - although the settings already show a “0” you’ll still need to input “0” and hit enter to set the first “move” action. This corrects the animation and removes both warning messages, since the second “move” action is already set to vertical -600.