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Help with Resizing Proportionally

Hi guys,

Real noobie here! :raising_hand_woman:

So, I’m trying to build a portfolio website where my work would sit on a grid like the below and I’m wondering what kind of element/container you’d choose to build something like it.

I’ve tried just the normal grid but I don’t like that the content kind of gest squished as I’m redimensioning screen size (see example below)

full screen :

smaller device:


I’d rather if it just got proportionally bigger horizontally and vertically as I increase/decrease page width. (I know I can change the way grid looks depending on the screen, but even within desktops if I want to increase or decrease widht of page It just squishes the content.)

Does this make sense? I guess grid is not my best option… any suggestions?

Thank you so much!!!

Rita :slight_smile:

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Take a look at this video about positioning.

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