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Help with my website


My website doesn’t work as expected in tablet mode. It can be found here:

In tablet mode, when I click on the menu button, the menu appears in the middle of the page. I’m trying to find the issue in editor mode, but it appears to work perfectly there! (Menu appears just below the navbar, just like it’s supposed to).

Please help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:
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When I check your link your menu with the text links “breaks” to a hamburger-style menu (the three lines) at about 990px in width and remains that way down to phone widths.

In your design changes, make sure you’re starting with the full width (desktop, laptop) mode and then work your way down to the tablet, the phone landscape, then phone portrait. Webflow is desktop-centric, so you must start large and work down. Changes cascade down but they do not bubble up.

Hopefully this gives you some hints.

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