Help with making social icons clickable

Hey Everybody…
First time in the Forum!! Having a slight problem with my site. I created a picture in the header with the bayou background along with the “Kravers” logo, " A taste of the bayou" and the “Social Icons” on the right. I want to know what is the best way to make those social icons individually clickable so when someone clicks on any of the 3, it will take them to this person’s social site? I know how to make them clickable in Photoshop, but then you have to export it as a .html page and not an image. Thanks for your help in advance!!


Hello @screamingeagle6158

In webflow it is better to create all your elements from scratch so you have control on everything on the site.

The element that you need for those kind of links is link block

Well, you have to split up the header image into separate elements.

Then the small red boxes are where you would place the links as mentioned above by aaronocampo.

In them you can place a transparent background png image export of each icon.

Thanks everyone… I kinda figured that was what I was going to have to do, but I was trying to take the lazy way out I guess!! Have a great evening!!


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