Help with Lottie file containing image references

Hi all.

We have a Lottie animation we want to display on our homepage banner, however the animation references a separate images folder. Normally we’d package this up and upload the .zip.

It doesn’t look like Webflow lets us upload a .zip folder (with the JSON + images to reference).

How can we get this to work as intended in Webflow?

Thank you!

can you share read only link

so you are asking about these three images

lottiee is working fine so what is the main issuee you are facing

Yes, correct, the three images. Can we import these into webflow so the JSON knows to reference them?

no asked you lottiee guy to add these three images in json file.

you can not give reference of these three image to lottiee file

I see. Okay, thanks for your help!

@yoplait , you can add the images to a CDN and reference then there or upload each as an asset to your project, grab the URL and update your sources.