Help with Looping Animation

Hi Webflow Community,

Sorry a few problems that some of you on to it people could possibly help with

Issue One: I was wondering if someone could help with why my word interaction, on loop the words go one way and then they go in reverse when looping the second time round?

Issue Two: Not sure why my menu has stopped working, Just doesn’t click through to menu anymore?

Issue Three: When the menu is open, it used to have a cross that followed the mouse to close the menu when you weren’t over menu items, this has also stopped working, you can still close, but no cross.

Sorry for all this, but would really appreciate it if someone could help.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @CharmNZAgency,

I haven’t looked into issue one yet but for issue two you can change the z-index to a high number (ex. 999) on the ‘hamburger-btn’ element:

This may also fix issue three - it’s worth noting that the cross that follows your mouse will only show up on the published site not in the preview because it is using custom code in Page Settings > Custom Code > Inside <head> tag.

Hi Milan, Thank you very much for your help!!! Just trying to get my head around things, it’s been some time. Yeah the looping is a bit strange, hopefully someone will help with that one.

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Kia ora, Anton!

For your first issue, this is occurring due to move action. The initial state will only apply to the element on page load, so when the animation loops, the position of the words is still lower.

You’ll need to set an extra step in the interaction to move the elements back up for the loop.

I’ve recored a quick video here going over this: Support video for Anton :arrow_upper_right:

Hopefully that helps!

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Hi Jono, thanks for helping. Ugh, I’ve now decided to try and do this by parallax scrolling instead, but caused other issues now. I believe I’ve set this up totally wrong. I’m running out of room to do my animations. I was hoping to animated the whole first page when you scroll down with lots of animations, but struggling with the first two sections. Not sure if you can help or point me in the right direction. Thanks heaps in advance, New link below.