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[RESOLVED] Can't loop an interaction | Link to section doesn't smooth scroll | pop out form issue


Just a few issues with my current webflow project.

Please refer to below video link explaining the three issues i am having atm. The video cuts off at the end abruptly, but all the info required is their.
If you are not sure on anything i described please let me know.

  1. Slide Out Bar, not always working.
  2. Anchor arrow not smooth scrolling to anchor point.
  3. Enquire pop out form issue.




  1. for the fact it does not work when you hover in the first time, this is a webflow bug that I know happen often… just click on the preview twice and the interactions will work. And this will never happen when the code is exported or published. So click the preview twice and it works. Now the popup shows up because you set it to opacity 100% and position origin on hoverIn of the menu element, and then disappear when hoverout of the popup itself. Why it’s never coming back is that to make it disappear on hoverOut you pass it display:none, and your first interaction on the menu item never pass it display:block, only opacity 100%. So it does what you’ve set it up to do. Add a display:block to the menu item interaction hoverIn and it should work as expected.

  2. I think it has to do with your structure… you’ve named a section “body” and put everything on it. You’ll get smooth scrolling if you use the body as the real body and use sections with unique IDs for your… sections.

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thanks @vincent!

All issues fixed!

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Hurray (: Even the point 3.? Was too tired to digg for this one, rain checked…

its ok, point 3 is not a big deal

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