Help with image alignment


I have a series of Images that link to a download that are supposed to be side by side and most are, however the last couple of images are misaligned.

How can I resolve this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Andrew11

Do you still have this issue? If so, can you please point me out with a screenshot or something?


Looks good on my end if it’s the homepage you’re talking about. Try clearing your cache.

Thanks Donald and Danny,

The issue is still occurring, but only on screens with a resolution above 1575 width - which of course my boss has and can see it looks all over the shop - lol

I have uploaded a screen shot of the home page with screen resolution changes made in the Developer section of Chrome, hopefully that will help explain what I am talking about.

Again thanks heaps for all your help.

So I have tried adjusting the padding, but that did nothing.
These images use a numbering system to allow custom arrangement ie the order the items appear and I have adjust these with limited success.

Someone has suggested it may have something to do with css breakpoints (that are set by webflow).

So now I am going to research this and see what I can find.

I will post my results one way or another as it may help others, but would still be very grateful for anyones wisdom.

As always I thank you in advance for any help or points in the right direction you can give.

Just an update for anyone that may be following this post.

It would appear my images where not the same dimensions and one of them was a single pixel higher than the others which causes this miss-alignment affect.

Resizing the image seems to have rectified this problem.