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Any problems with this setup SEO wise?

I’m setting up a Collection for a page that needs to be on several languages. So every item will have their own language. I’m using Webflow functionality so that every Item could have their own SEO and I’m using a script so that every item will have their own language attribute. I want to know if any SEO expert sees any problem with this setup? From my point view it looks pretty solid.

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Edit: The URL’s would be something like

One problem is that the URL structure of the site wouldn’t be consistent.

In this situation the html lang isn’t what’s important, it’s hreflang, and the canonical URL. Possibly you can modify your code to insert the hreflang and canonical programmatically?

You need to set the hreflang for each page, and also a canonical link. If the hreflang and canonicals are set correctly it doesn’t necessarily matter if the URL structure isn’t consistent. HOWEVER, what you can do if you use subfolders for each language is submit each folder as a property to Google Search Console and set its international targeting, which will also help.

E.g submit and give it US or UK targeting (whichever version of google you intend to rank it in), submit and give it French targeting, etc.

These two posts explain nicely what you need to do for the hreflang config:


Thanks Chris really appreciate taking the time to answer, it’s always new things to learn. Folders world be best but not possible with this setup. Will be great when Webflow do this natively.

I’ll try to change my script and submit to google.

No problem Jorn. I should add that I’m assuming above that you are trying to rank the different language versions in their respective versions of Google?

The goal is to be found and ranked in different countries, yes.

I changed so that I have a hreflang instead of lang now. I trying to understand canonical. Is my collection items considered identical even though they are on different languages and have a specific language code?

Ok, I think (maybe) I got it now. In my particular case I have a homepage thats similar to a collection page in, they’re identical but have different url’s. So then I want to put a canonical url on my collection page pointing to the homepage telling this is real one. Doing this I need do it in a smilier way I did with hreflang but the problem is the other pages in the collection don’t need it. I have two options leaving it blank or point it to self. Or third option, I could point the homepage to the collection page. Witch one would be better, @CircleWorks? And another question. Does pages with the same content but on different languages count as duplicated content?


Sorry, it’s taken ages for me to reply to this. It’s quite common for pages to have self-referencing URLs, e.g has a canonical that points to

Leaving it blank is also fine in most cases, although if you are using hreflang it’s important to use canonical correctly in conjunction.

No, but it’s still important to have hreflang in place.

One thing to note, if you are using canonicals and hreflang, make sure you have the protocol and URL exactly right, is different to

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