HELP! with Flexbox

For the 100th time i use flexbox, and when its "not properly working: i swith to DIV… and columns as always…
But know i am done with it! I want Flexbox working! HELP ME!!!

Can you please tell me what i do wrong here?

Safari (goes wrong)

Chrome is ok!

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Theres an issue with Safari and flexbox, the solution that I’ve known of is to build that flexbox part on safari itself instead of chrome.

It is kind of strange but thats the only way that I know to make it work.

Yes I have been battling Safari and flexbox all day. I now hate Safari.
I have had to use 49.7% widths instead of 50% widths, all sorts of strange crap.
And yes I had to build in Safari the browser that likes the flicker like hell.

Yes… Flexbox and safari doesn’t work at all! Very frustrating.
I’m not sure why I would use Flexbox if it’s not working in 1 of the most popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). :frowning:

So… thought it was me… but where are all strugling with it… and indeed, if its not working in safari we can i can not use it.
Back to Columns again!!!

Solution I use is to put the flexbox parent into another regular div. Keeps the flexbox children from falling outside of the parent as shown in your screen grab.

I have the flexbox struggles too. Mostly firefox (on PC) and Safari that have the most issues.

I had the same problem with flexbox on safari.
Try to adjust or build it form safari itself, it will be compatible with other browsers.
I’ve changed it from safari and it worked for me.

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