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Help with flex issue

Hey guys,

I am having an issue with column flex on the pricing page.
After selecting the 2x2 for tablet and below my 3rd col will skip below, leaving the gap.
see picture

Any soultions would be excellent!


Here is my public share link:

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Hi @Thomas_92,

I would suggest using the same class for each column. Doing so will fix this issue and give you more control.

Check out the following video I created:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

I don’t generally use the column feature and flexbox together. I’d probably pull the pricingblock divs out of the column and make the tab pane flexbox then adjust. You may need each pricing block wrapped in another div to handle padding so you can have space between.

You’re a legend!!

Thank you very much for uploading the video guide, made it even easier :wink:

Much appreciated

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