Help with CMS Collection & CSS Grid

Hello everyone,

Sorry upfront for any mistakes made in creating this post (it’s my first)

I am trying to create a grid layout that contains CMS items (automatically filled from my CMS collection), but the first field of the grid should be this section’s headline instead of a CMS item. So idea basically would be that on a collection page there would be a first grid that shows for example “artworks” of a specific artist. So the first cell of the grid would be the header “artworks” and from the second cell onwards the artworks (image with title) from the cms collection would be added automatically. This I could then replicate for “Exhibitions” in the same manner.

In the end it should look something like this (screenshot taken from Adobe XD)

And here is a little illustration of how i thought this could work but I guess I am wrong regarding my thought process and would be incredibly grateful for any help on how i could manage to get this to work (with hopefully non or simple custom code)!

Hey Paul,

I have an idea on how you can make something like this work but to make it easier for you, it would be better if I can mock it up with a read-only link of your project.

Are you able to share a read-only link?

Hey Brian,

Wow thank you so much for your prompt reply!

Here is a link to the project:

Its quite messy still as this is also my first CMS project.
I’m glad for any hint or idea how this may work and any other suggestion on how to maybe set everything up a bit “cleaner” :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Kind of a rough explanation…tried to explain quickly to reply fast…let me know if this helps

This is brilliant! Thank you so much! I’m stunned by the quick reply, and the fantastic help, definitely made my day! I hope I can be of help with any project in the future as well when I’ve gotten more into using webflow.

Again thank you very much and have a wonderful day!