Help With Animation not Repeating

Hey Webflow community! It’s been awhile!

I am currently working on my personal website and am trying to setup animations for my mobile hamburger menu. However, the issue I am running into is that the nav container opens fine every time, but the links only move/change opacity correctly the first time. It is like they aren’t resetting to their initial state. See Loom Message - 16 August 2022 for an example of what is happening.

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Hey @TylerCourts

Just take the first open click for the menu and duplicate it. The close needs all of those in the list. Then all you have to do is unclick initial state. Copy the mobile-nav and place after and you’re done. The “x” will return them back to original, then when you click the menu, they will repeat properly.

You’re simply missing the navLink return. This is how the close should look.


Let me know if you need a quick video to watch.


Got it!

Thanks a bunch! This community never ceases to amaze me :slight_smile:

Sure thing, not a problem. Take care, see ya!