Help with animating two dynamic CMS sliders after mouse click or page load


I really need some advice as I have come to a stand still!

Please see the read-only website link here:

And the link here:

As you can see I have two CMS paginated sliders - one for the latest news and one for the background images in the hero section of the website.

I want to animate certain elements after pressing the “Next” and “Previous” buttons such as the background image and individual elements in the hero section but cannot achieve this with “Page Load”

I was hoping I could animate individual elements by using the mouse click animation but that doesn’t seem to work either :confused: I am wanting to create some animations similar to this:

Can anyone recommend what I can do? I have no knowledge of coding as well so I am not sure if that makes anything extra difficult but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Here is my public share link: