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Help to click effect

Hello people I’m in need of some help to create a click effect.
I want to do something like this example:

the effect in section “Graduação | Cursos”

I want to make that occurs when clicking on a box, open an interaction equals from site.

can you help me?

Hi @Marcos_Custodio I think that site example you gave is using some masonry javascript or similar, I think some nice interactions can be created in Webflow to simulate this effect, I would need to experiment in a blank site :slight_smile:

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Hello Dave, you can see my read-only
I create a section with click interaction.

I think to create a effect like of FIAP, read my template.

I saw the example how to can insert in my project?


Hi @Marcos_Custodio

You can add custom code to your site, take a peek at this article:

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