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Need Help to Click Effect

Hello I need help with the click effect.
This is the site I’m working.

See when you click on some of the courses, Administração, Recursos Humanos or Comercial

The achievement of click it seems that has a delay that did not please me or to the end customer.
I would like to address this, but I can not, can you help me?

I can’t see no delay, because there is no link affected to the link blocks… did you change something since your message?

Hello, @vincent

I did not make any changes, and here there is still this delay.
Click on a course like: Gestão de Recursos Humanos

will open a text box inside the white, there is the delay.

I don’t see a delay, as soon as I click, it opens the box.

HOWEVER there are 2 things you need to modify for a nice click + unfolding experience:

  1. in order to avoid any “jump” and glitch in the unfolding animation, the element that will grow from height:0 to height:auto has to have NO margins or padding whatsoever. Prefer using a totally blank div, don’t give it any style or border. Add a div inside to which you’ll give margin pading border color etc… but the div that’s unfolding, leave it with only the height property.
  2. in order to have the text/content being masked during animation, give this unfolding div the paramaeter overflow:hidden so the overflowing content will be masked.

Can you tret these 2 points, test again and come bacl if you’re still witnessing a delay?

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