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Help Styling Text in Collection CMS

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If you head to our speakers and then Daniel J, you will notice that the text is white. On our end when you are in the edit version the text is grey, but that is not being reflected when you view the published version.

We are trying to fix this as the background is white as well.

Thank you!

Hi @Allix_Hannah, would I am not seeing any white text on the published version, is it possible for you to take a screenshot and share the published url ?

I might be looking at the wrong thing:

Thanks in advance

Hi! You are looking at the correct page.

This is the published page, in which the text appears white.

Hi @Allix_Hannah, the issue is that you have paragraphs in the rich text and there is a custom css declaration in the head of page settings to turn paragraph text a white color.

Remove the custom code (or change the color in css) and republish and most likely problem is solved.

I hope this helps

Wait a second. I see exactly what is going on! Looks like I hadn’t went into the CSS for the Speaker settings.

Problem solved - thank you!

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