Help needed: Smoothing mouse-wheel scroll

Hi guys,

Long time listener, first time caller (and one of the many lost Muse souls looking for a new home, and in saying that I apologise in advance for my lack of scripting knowledge).

I’m trying to find some kind of plugin that will smooth out the scroll motion of the mouse wheel.

I have read an older post from 2015 that mentioned an old “nicescroll” javascript:

However it seems dated and the instructions on the website seem to be for the browser plugin (not the website). If i am missing something and if this is still the best option for webflow, can someone please breakdown for me what i need to paste into my webflow settings and where? Is it just a simple case of pasting a wad of code into the head or footer code boxes?

Many thanks.


Or is this something that webflow can’t achieve yet?

Hi @tc_myers, i’m sorry you don’t get answer on this, but i have no idea how you could do this (mostly it’s very complicated because a smooth scrool for me is not necessary a smooth scrool for you etc.) in your example is NOT a nice scrool at all in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:
Why do you want this feature exactly ?
Do you want a scrool from section to section ? Or just an easing because you like the effect ?
If it’s option 2 i don’t think it’s a good idea, that kind of thing could work on desktop but be horrible experience on mobile :frowning:

Thanks for your reply.

The reason i am wanting this feature is to see the subtle parallax background effect i have on each page of the website.

Without a nice/eased scroll, the effect is lost.

But i do understand what you are saying about the mobile experience.