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Help: 'nav link cannot be pasted out of nav menu' when pasting navbar

Hi, I want to copy and paste the navbar on the homepage to the other four pages, but when pasting on the other pages, the Design Tool kept preventing me from pasting, saying that ‘nav link cannot be pasted out of nav menu’.

I’ve tried pasting the elements in the navbar bit by bit / creating symbols, but none of it worked.

How can I solve this issue and copy and paste the navbar to other pages? Thank you for your time and help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey @yzhou,

I think this is a bug. I’m experiencing the same issue when trying to copy the nav menu from another page, as well as trying to place a nav symbol onto a page. I’m also going to post this as a bug, normally you should be able to copy paste a navbar from page to page.

Here’s a similar topic:

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