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Help. My Website is drunk

Hi there,

My web developer has stitched me up and it has costed me a lot of money. I attempted to make a few changes today, it was going well, until the whole website is sitting closer to the left.

I do not know whether it is a bug, or just a simple change.

please see here

I also need a Web Developer to make some simple changes.

Please help me. Thank you.

Hey @jonomabey I could help with some changes to your site. Feel free to DM if you’d like!


@jonomabey Web Developer or Web Designer
Big difference


I’d be glad to take a look at it and see if it’s a quick fix. You can post your read only link here in the forums. Or feel free to private message me.


Hi @jonomabey ,

PM sent.


Hey Justin

Thanks for your response, first and foremost everything on my website (see top menu of home page) seems to have shifted left.

Moving forward, I am looking to make some design changes and drive it towards more of an e-commerce site, but I need to make the one change first, as it looks ridiculous.

What’s the next step? Share a read-only version? I’ll do this now.


Hi Justin

Firstly, the design on your websites are awesome, by far the best i’ve seen
on Webflow.

I have a Golf website The aim of the website is
to showcase and sell Golf Tours to New Zealand and around the world.

I am happy with it’s current state as a stage 1 website, however there are
some changes I would to make Aesthetically and also Functionally. We also
need it to be geared toward E-Commerce.

I had another Web Builder who was inefficient and frankly I was not happy
with what he had achieved during is time.

Are you able to help me with my request?
What cost?
How long?

I look forward to you reply,

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