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Help integrating Webflow animation into my site

Hi community

I am experiencing issues with my scroll in animation when I exported my html and converted it into my website. I know WF relies on the data-w-id to hook in the animations for that element, which I see in my code. And I have the webflow CSS and Javascript integrated into the site, however, the animation is not triggering when the user scrolls into view. Could some help me troubleshoot how to resolve this issue?

Here is the WF version :

And here is my converted site:

In the site, in the careers section refer to the text that reads “EXPRESS CREATIVITY”, which you will see animates in scroll on the WF version, but not on the wordpress version.

Let me know if there is any clarification needed?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry everyone, I am closing this issue, because it was a versioning issue.