HELP! Infinite Draggable scroll not working on mobile

Hi Guys,

So I’ve cloned this project in hopes to use it for a client: infinite-draggable-scrollable-grid - Webflow

But seen that it doesn’t work on mobile, it literally just doesn’t scroll at all, and can’t work out why.

Here is the link: Webflow - Infinite Draggable / Scrollable Grid

Need to get a solution for this asap! So would appreciate if someone could help here.

Thanks in advance!

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Hope you get an answer, I also had issues implementing this scrollable grid on a project… In conclusion, did everything thing I could to connect it in an existing project to a created cms, didn’t have any luck, shows only empty page… Frustrating :face_with_spiral_eyes: Probably Tricks will do an Youtube lesson in time, cause of the big respond on the idea …