HELP! I know its possible? Can A div be a reveal mask for layer below like photoshop?

Hello, I have a project that Is available to view below, I want the DIV with the “hi Im Levi” text and large border to grow and reveal a picture below it, Im relating this to MASK REVEAL i use in after effects… Is This Even Possible With Webflow ? Thank You For Any Help Or Input…

Absolutely! But unfortunately, you can’t do this since the border is engraved inside the image.

Thank You for the input… The div with the text “hi im levi” just has a border around it done with the css, its not apart of any image… I was hoping to set the div with big border to "no overflow"and have “hi im levi” text fade away then reveal a picture underneath like a reveal… but not be resized by the div??? Im not sure if Im even explaining it correctly… basically I can do this with after effects and wanted to use webflows native animation instead of using a Lotti… Thank You for any advice I appreciate!

Hey @LG123ABC! Is this something you are looking for?

If so I cheated a bit and made a png with a black background in PS and then cut out the rectangle where your “Hi I’m Levi” image is :grimacing:
Hope it’s still useful, here’s the preview link

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Oh wow I think that solution would recreate the no over flow effect! great lateral thinking on that one, literally thinking outside the box… very cool thankyou!

How did you post that preview for me to see? did you have to post it on a URL you do previews on for clients or is this some way webflow lets you show solutions visibly online for free?
thank you for the help!

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