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HELP: I can't add a form field to a forms "Success State"?


I am trying to add a “How did you find out about us” field on the success state of a form but I get an error “Text field can only be placed in a Form”.

Very peculiar since I am placing it within a form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I believe the success message is not contained within a form. Try adding another form element and the text field within it.

Hey Chris

Thanks for the reply!

I did try to add another form block but an error appears “you can’t place a Form Block within a Form”.

I take it this is the case because the “Success State” is within the original Form.

hmmmm… interesting. If that’s the case I guess the best you could do is either have some Javascript run that redirects the page to a form for them to fill out, or you could provide a link on that success message (taking them to another page with a form to fill out).

Maybe someone else can chime in with a better solution!