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Form Block issues: Success and Error messages/divs not showing up

Hi WF team and community,

This didn’t used to happen, but I am having some problems with the Form Block element not displaying the Success and Error states for some reason. I’ve looked into this on the forums and it seems like this issue as been hit and miss with most folks. Also, those issues seem to be from a couple years back at least.

Anyway if someone can help with out with this I’d be very grateful.

So essentially I am trying to create simple/condensed newsletter form that consists of one input field, label, and form button - that’s all. This form would live on a few selected areas of my company’s site; the footer, blog landing page, and blog post page. I just want to make sure that when a user submits an email address they get the proper feedback.

When I go to edit the built-in Success or Error messages, I can see the blue label for those stuck in the upper left corner of the screen. There is no filler/dummy text to be seen, nor am I able to tweak the positioning to force those divs to come out of their weird dark corner.

Here’s a link to the proj…I made a new/blank page called “Untitled” just to isolate and show you all here. Whatever advice you can impart would be much appreciated!

Kindest regards,

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The form success and failure blocks display is triggered by the use of Webflow as the form processor. When using another form processor requires using whatever features that processor supports.

Thanks for the reply @webdev, and by that other form processor you are referring to that action link I pasted in from Mailchimp I take it?

I guess that makes sense, but my problem still remains…not being able to display any form feedback.


If mailchimp provides the ability to perform a redirect upon submit, you would create a page then use its address as the redirect destination.

I will def be looking into that as an option thanks again @webdev

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