Help for a complex rollover that swaps out paragraphs (in the exact same spot) when you click on another element

Thanks, Hello. I have a question regarding an animation I am trying to build. It shouldnt be this difficult. My intended animation is on the front page (link enclosed). I have a pink graphic resembling a heart/mind and it is divided into quadrants using a grid for layout. What I want to achieve is this…when you rollover each quadrants and click on it, I would like to display the text paragraph that talks about that particular quadrant. That paragraph will be located directly below the pink heart/mind graphic. A placeholder paragraph is there. So when you click on another quadrant that paragraph is replaced by content that is specific to information relating to that quadrant. How do I achieve this? This is so simple in other apps, even the dinosaur Dreamweaver. I cant figure it out on Webflow. Please help.

This is my link:

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