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Help designing my hero section

So I am fairly new to this so I hope I am explaining this the correct way.

But is there anyway for me to create my webpage so that when it loads it only shows the hero section and no content below it. I want it to look something like the webpage link below. I have been trying to figure this out for a couple days but when I open my page on my desktop which has a bigger display then my laptop it still shows content below the hero section.

Thanks for the help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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That kind of site would be very difficult to recreate but if you just mean making a section that takes up the viewport, it’s easy. Just select your section and make the height 100vh.


Yes that is what I mean, I want a specific section to be the only view point and then when someone scrolls I want the rest of the content to be revealed! Thanks for the help!

Make a section and make the height 100VH and then add a cover image or color :slight_smile: That should be what you’re attempting?

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Hello @Gone24, will definately help you with this please do connect on s.k.y.p.e@ live:brianna_1049

Thanks to everyone for the help! It worked!


Happy to hear! I’m closing the topic :webflow_heart: