Help designing a custom tab/accordion/toggle/collapse section

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well today because holy **** I’m not. I’m having trouble building out a tab/accordion section that changes the way information interacts based off of a tab that’s selected.

First I tried using the Tab feature, but the tab that is selected, can’t hide or show content within the Tab itself. Once that failed, I tried building a custom section from scratch with Interactions 2.0 but damn I failed miserably. Long story short, I built a wrapper that would contain both an image wrap, and the buttons/card wrap. The buttons are in the form of cards, that show and hide information within the card based on whether the card is selected or not. And the images in the column next to the cards, change in context to the selected card. So if a card/button is active, information will appear, and the image will change based off of the button/card.

Here are 3 images to show you what I aimed to achieve.

You can find the section in the Home Page under (section05).

Send help please!!! Is the build feasible and possible? Should I consider a different solution to the design? Would love to see what you guys think.

preview link: []

share link: []


Jereme, I’ve been trying to do this same thing and I see that you were able to accomplish it. Could you share your steps on how you were able to do it? Thanks!