Hide/show images on tab selection

I have a tabbed menu at the top of the site i am working on and what i would like to do is have my hero image change dependent upon the tabbed menu selection (home, about,blog, podcast). I can’t seem to figure out how to do it with a “1st click, 2nd click” interaction, if it’s even possible… Any suggestions??

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I would suggest you using fixed positioned divs (with custom z-indexes) that have the same size as the wrapper, and then create animations that hide/show them upon clicking. If that doesn’t make sense to you and you need to get that done, just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to get that going for you.

is this your way of promoting your non-free services?

I’m in the middle of a paying project right now. I don’t really have the time to walk you trough every step. You can go to Webflow University and learn about the things I just mentioned. The same your time is worth (and you don’t want to spend it learning something), mine is as well. There’s no bad guy here my friend.

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anyone else have a suggestion?

Just leaving this here:


Is this what you want?

exactly what im looking to do

well shit…i never saw the tab change interaction

It’s because there isn’t. I created an animation from scratch.


Well, let us know if you get it working then. If you don’t, 35$ isn’t that big of investment to get that going haha

yep got it going with the interaction tab

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There you go. I’m happy you did