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Help Customize a Template

Hi guys. My name is Alex and I currently try to customize a template I bought from webflow template section.

I want to achieve something similar to this

on this template .

Here is the link to template .

I’m not that tech savvy, but I followed some of the tutorials and I don’t find the solution. The template is not made with Tabs and I find very hard to achieve these animations that change both the background color and image on the right.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you,

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  1. On the template, which page and section do you want the background color change?
  2. This effect can be done through a couple of options, so it’s possible, but you’ll need a trigger to show the content variations. Are you comfortable doing your own interactions?

I want to affect the section of the print screen. The most important thing for me is to toggle between different elements like in the .gif with different images.
This can be done with tabs but this template section is not built with tabs and I wonder if I can do so with interactions.
I don’t know how to put 3 different images for example that goes on and off when action by one of the elements on the left.

Do you think It’s best to rebuild the whole section with tabs?

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