HOW TO - Side tabs with dropdown text & content

Hello everyone,

I’m building a website and I’m almost done with the homepage, but I got stuck at one point where is the side tabs with text below and image on the right.

I want to “copy” the idea of Webflow homepage:

Or this one:


I want this side tabs with text below title, but show the text only when the tab is active.
I’m not interested in the loading bar from Webflow, or any other effects, just to see the text when tab is active.

This is my section right now:

I tried to check on this Aurora structure using Webflow Designer, but I just can’t understand whats different than mine, only thing I can see is 2 animations, one for the bubble gradient and one for some page loader (I cant understand how that one would be the trigger effect of what I want).

If anyone knows how to do this and would kindly want to help me with this, I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK