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Help Creating Website like Apple

Hi I would like to know if anyone out there is willing to help me create a website Just like with there animated pictures which move as you scroll

Hi @dawkinsshamarr, welcome to the Webflow forums! :smiley:

There are a number of existing tutorials on YouTube which might help you with this, in addition to some cloneable sites in the Webflow showcase.

I’d encourage you to check these out and see if they help you.

Here’s a tutorial by Nelson (@PixelGeek) -

And here is a cloneable site made by Moritz -

Many Thanks!!! But bro I have another question for you

@dawkinsshamarr no worries! Sure thing, ask away! :smiley:

I have a website In mind and I want to copy a specific part of it I think it’s called loading bar it’s when ever you click something it will show this spinning thing or let’s say u didn’t click but when ever something is loading it will show this spinning thing and also I did check out the link u sent but my problem is that I don’t have any experience when it comes to these types of things maybe so maybe u know someone who I can hire ?