Help Aligning Collection List

Hi! I´ve been trying to align these items in a Collection list but I cant get the correct Layout. I’ve tried with Flex & wrap but the second row doesnt align with the first one


This is my link:

Hi Esteban @Estrezz,

you can do this be selecting your class Collection List 2 and setting display: grid;. After that, go to the Element Settings (D) and select Layout > Full Width.

That should do the trick and will allow you to achieve your desired layout. Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Julian, Thank you very much for your answer.
It does work, but now i dont know how to display 3 items per row :slight_smile:

@Estrezz, this is easy. Select your class Collection List 2, click on Edit Grid on the right hand side and add another column (+). If three columns are too narrow for the smaller breakpoints, delete one or more columns again.

Just select the element with the class Collection List 2 and add a column inside the grid settings.

Sorry for the silly question but i am very new to this (as you can see!)
I added a column but when I do that the last column remains empty, and the next property it’s in the next row

@Estrezz is it possible, that you have set flex-direction: column;? If yes, try changing this to Row. Also, you could delete the second row, so everything is set to Auto.

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PERFECT!!! That was it!!!
Thank you SOOO MUCH!!!