Help a newbie out


I’m a complete newbie when it comes to Webflow and had a LOT of help scrolling through this forum. So I hope you guys could help me out here:

I’m making a website for a client (my first website ever :raised_hands:) and finished a first version.
I was wondering if someone would be so kind to have a quick look at my structure etc. to give me some feedback if this makes sense or if I made some weird decisions.
(Of course a lot of the content and pictures are temporary)

Secondly, and this would really help me out, I’m struggling with bigger breakpoints…
I’m designing on 1600px so made everything responsive going down. However, when I look at my project on 2560px, a lot of things don’t make sense (especially some margins).
I added a 1920px breakpoint but this resolution looks good, it’s only when going even bigger it starts to look wonky.
I added a 1800px wrapper (so my content doesn’t look too big), maybe it has something to do with this?
Anyone who can help me out with this?

A lot of thanks in advance!!

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