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HELP! 502 Bad Gateway

My website can’t be found apparently? The link in the URL bar when I type is replaced by and i get this page :slight_smile:

Can you post your read-only link in here so the community can take a look? Also, check your domain settings carefully and make sure there’s no mispelled words, or added characters, or spaces at beginning or end.

It was a domain problem! Hostpapa apparently deleted all my DNS records for some reasons… Not a good service at all!

Okay good deal. Glad you resolved it! Yeah, domain registrar is like shoes to me. When I want a reliable comfortable shoe, just head to the Cole Haan shop. I know the mall has great selections, but just pay the 250 and it’s done. Haha. Use GoDaddy papi. 24/7 phone support. And when you plan on graduating to the dedicated big boys. Use Codero!!!

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