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Help! - 301'ing 10,000's URLs

Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

Can confirm. Page is lightning quick even with the slow CMS handling.

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Phew, thank you! At least that’s something!

Interestingly now you mention it, another one of our sites on Webflow that only has 165 static pages/articles but has a lot of design elements (e.g. a lot of images per page) is also running slow in the designer…

@radicalrooster- Just an FYI … Optimize your assets before uploading them to the asset manager, you are working with resources based on the size you upload. This will keep the page loads down in the designer. If you look in dev tools you will see what I mean.

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Thanks @webdev - All images have been sized exactly in Photoshop for their purpose, saved for web and ensured that the quality they are saved at is a balance between quality and file size (the largest full-width images we use being no more than 200kb). I’ve then squashed all images through a Mac App called ‘ImageOptim’ to ensure they’re as small as they can be before uploading.

Tools such as GT Metrix are happy my assets are small enough and to scale, just seems Webflow Designer isn’t

Your doing the right things. The only way for me to determine what the potential causes might be would be to look at a read only link. If you wanted me to take a peak, you could do that privately. Up to now I have ruled out using WF on large sites because of current limitations, so I don’t have any to inspect the designer with dev tools.

Ok so I had an idea…

I noticed each of our OLD URLs ends in .html (don’t ask…).

Is there a way I can use the wildcard 301 to redirect any URL with that suffix?

We’re launching Tuesday afternoon regardless so any help will be awesome right now!

Sorry to double post…

But I was thinking the 301 would look like this:

‘/(.*).html’ —> ‘/’

Would that work in terms or redirecting any old page ending in ‘.html’ to the home page?