Hello i am new to webflow . I want to show "minutes to read" based on richtext in my blog.Shown in below image

Hello i am new to webflow . I want to show “minutes to read” based on richtext in my blog.Shown in below image.

As you can see these blog are fetched from collection and filtered and pagination done by cms filter by finsweet. i want to shows how minutes it will take to read it based on its content.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Here you are showing the minutes to read on a page where the blog article doesn’t actually exist to measure it. I’d take a different approach-

  • Add a minutes to read field to the CMS, as a text string or as a decimal number.
  • Data bind it here, and/or write some JS if needed to convert 1.31 to “1 minute, 23 seconds”.
  • Immediately, you can hand-enter that information.
  • Later, add automation and your calculation using Make.com. You’d trigger on a CMS item update, perform the calculation there using a script node, and then update the minutes to read field with the data.

is there any other method or can you provide me with any tutorial ?

Here the other methods are-

  1. Calculate and enter the read time yourself, manually as part of your publishing process
  2. Script/AJAX style. Complex, resource intensive, and very slow for your end users.
  3. Skip doing the read time here on your catalog page, and only show it on the article page itself, which is much easier to calculate ( you have the article, for one thing ).

You can find tutorials on how to calculate read more times with javascript- there are a ton of guides on google. Same for make.com and how to update Webflow cms collections. You’ll be putting the two together to build things the way you described.

This is a solved problem with lot’s of solutions. Checkout these from Refokus and Finsweet to get started with:

Hey this not what i want. i want show a catalog which show all blogs. so i wii not be displaying the content. can you check the image.


You could always just add a new CMS field and manually enter it when you publish your post.


Those linked solutions will do it for you automatically on the post, just copy those results into your CMS field. If you update the post, it’s recalculated automatically and you copy & paste that into your CMS field.

Chris’s recommendations are right-

You do not need to display your blog text in order to support your minutes to read feature, but you would need to have it in the page in order to do your calculation. Search the forums for a range of scripts and approaches to calculate that.

If you don’t want to have the article text in a hidden element, then you cannot do the calculation effectively. AJAX would be slow and expensive and kill your UX performance, so you’d go with his second recommendation of enter it in a field manually and display that instead.