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Changing text in Recipe card for blog | CMS

Hi! i’m having trouble changing the text for the total time in the recipe card for a blog post. i want to change the minute to hours for this page but when i do that, it applies to all the recipe pages in my CMS collection. i also want to add changes to the prep, cook and total time for other recipes without altering the rest of the recipes in my cms collection. I’m new to webflow and this is a food blog template that i bought so i’m having trouble finding a way out for this. Any idea how i can do that?

Here is my public share link: [Webflow - kaotic krunch1
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hi @azkasaad03 and welcome to forum. The purpose of template is to make page look identical for each article. You can thing about it as that template is baking form. If you do change in form all cakes will have shape of this change.

Now, there is a way to use javascript to convert minutes to hours. You can create condition that e.g. when minutes are more than or equal 60 it will trigger script that return value in hours and add hour extension but it can be for you a bit challenging. But again as it is on template these rules will apply on every recipe. This script may be handy if total time will be e.g. 4 hours or so this mean that this script will run only on these recipes that take very long time.

As far as I know majority dishes doesn’t take more than 90minutes from prep to serve thats is one reason that sites with recipes use values in minutes and it is also more natural for humans to read.