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Hello, help needed to pass an email and a checkbox to Sendy

Hello! I have been using a form in my website which is basically an input form (the email one) and a checkbox for GDPR

I used this tutorial Webflow Hack #19 - Submit checkboxes, radios, and select as text fields in Mailchimp - YouTube to pass the checkbox to Mailchimp with a “true”.

I am now using Sendy, and I want to connect it directly to webflow, without using Integromat or Zapier.

This is the API Documentation: Sendy API, since I see you need to pass the values using hidden fields and the POST Button Form

I saw this on the forum: Webflow form to using HTTP POST - #6 by cyberdave

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Hello! Made it by using Integromat and pasting these values

Webflow (Watch Events) with a webhook (you only need to link it with your form, so use a readable id for your form), connected with a HTTP Make Request, with:

  • URL of sendy plus /subscribe (http://mydomain/sendy/subscribe)
  • Method POST
  • Empty Header
  • Empty Query
  • Body type: Multipart/form-data
  • Fields:
    ** key: api_key / value: your api key / field type: text
    ** key: email / value: your email watched from the form submission / field type: text
    ** key: gdpr / value: your checkbox value watched from the form submission / field type: text
    ** key: list / value: your subscribers list from Sendy / field type: text

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