Hello Everyone, Saying Hi From Singapore And Thailand!

Hello there, Rachel here. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with Webflow so far. As a newbie with no coding experience, I’m really hoping to get help from the community here with helping me when I encounter problems designing my first ever website :slight_smile:

Thanks again for being such a welcoming platform~

Oh hey @_Rachel!

Welcome to the Webflow forums, really an awesome community here. Do search the forums first before posting to see if the problem has been addressed before. But if you’re unsure, just post anyway.

P.S.: I am from Singapore as well, but now in Melbourne.

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@_Rachel hi, welcome to the forum! Have you been using the webflow university resources? They were a great help for me getting started. Especially the site builds. Pausing the video and recreating each part as I went along did a lot to wrap my head around how webflow works :slight_smile:. university.webflow.com

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