Height 100VH now working properly on my phone

Hi, there is a bug i thing if I set height of background for 100VH im still getting on my phone white strip. And there is no other choice but set static px but it would make white strip for devices with higher resolution.

I get these.

Could you look at this ?

Thanks in advance !

Your project read-only link?

Oh I am sorry, here is my link : https://preview.webflow.com/preview/stavkyaprijem?preview=917d93f4d769db24cef97fb7bfcbbb2e

It seems to only affect Windows Phone OS. I’ve had this issue and I too am curious how Webflow could help us address this problem.

Is there some fix for that ?

So far there is one solution. Setting BG height : 1920px (FullHD) but then its useless for phones with lower resolution :confused:

EDIT: I hope I found final solution :smiley: just set on background -> position: fixed and background -> overflow: scroll(auto). Its working for lumia 1020 , lumia 640(on landscape i got gray strips on each side , but its nothing in compare with white stripe at the bottom :smile: )

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